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Hey PUSH people,

Welcome to our very first issue.

Later on in this issue, Seth talks about how sometimes you have an idea bubbling up inside of you to the point where you have to make it happen or you’ll go crazy.

I think the idea for this magazine started bubbling up early last year when I [Jess] wrote an article about how the pandemic has increased people’s creativity, and how we should channel that creativity into meaningful outlets.

Soon the idea for a local youth magazine bubbled up and engulfed my PUSH partner, Holly. Together we made this 80-page beast of profiles on the most exciting young and emerging creatives in Sydney.

The name PUSH gives a nod to the Sydney Push, a group of young creatives and intellectuals who made a difference back in the 1940s-60s by hanging out in pubs, discussing big ideas, and doing great things.

We think the creatives featured in PUSH have big ideas and do great things; whether or not they hang out in pubs, we do not care.

PUSH is a bunch of young people, writing about young people, for young people. We hope that by introducing readers to the game-changers among us, we can inspire each other to pursue creativity and strengthen our cultural community here in Sydney.

With love,
Jess and Holly


(November 2021)

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