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Shot by Connor Sprague


Jenny Trinh, aka Wytchings, is an electronic musician from Western Sydney on the rise in the underground and experimental dance space. With multiple gigs under her belt, including the infamous Soft Centre festival and mixes on FBi radio, she has cemented herself as a genre bending live musician who creates a sense of emotion for her audience.

Clockwise from top left: Wytchings at home shot by her brother; shot by Hyun Lee; Wytchings x Kalanjay Dhir x The Pretty Boy Collective's event 'Behind the Lens'; Wytchings at home shot by her brother; Wytchings at home shot by her brother; shot by Kalanjay Dhir

Interview with Zach Havard

Jenny’s musical career began after taking part in the New Age Noise course at the Information and Cultural Exchange. She notes a major influence from film scores, saying, “The best scenes from movies are the ones with music that sticks with you. Being able to create this for someone else is a goal of mine”.


The lack of events and parties in the last year and a half has given Jenny the time to work on her music and productions. Most recently, her second EP, ‘Oculus’, was released on Lazy Thinking Records. It’s a five- track electronic soundscape with the tag ‘Reclamation of the Body.’ Away from music, Jenny has been looking at a range of art forms, including film, cinematography and visual arts, and hopes to combine all these elements in future works down the track.


How did you get into making music?

I started making music because I was just so inspired by a lot of the stuff I was listening to. Like most artists, I realised that making music is a great way to express yourself and there’s a lot of thoughts and feelings that I don’t know how to put into words or things that I daydream about. Making music is a great way to release that kind of stuff in a little time capsule.

Can you describe your music? What genre would you call it and how do you play live?

I usually just use my laptop and the Ableton live software to make music. Sometimes I’ll use a launchpad to trigger loops and those sorts of things. To be honest I don’t know what genre you would call my music. I guess it falls somewhere between experimental, electronic, and ambient — but I’m cool with whatever people want to call it because it’s always changing. I take inspiration from a lot of artists from country to modern dance music.

What have you been doing musically lately?

Most recently I was able to participate in the ‘Behind the Lens Program’ where I collaborated with a visual artist named ‘Cal.’ We went around Southwestern Sydney filming a range of shots with the ‘Pretty Boy Collective’, who are filmmakers. It was cool to see how camera work, visuals and music go together.

What have been some of your standout performances?

Western Sydney doesn’t usually have a lot of gigs. In the past my shows have been in Sydney, where I have been introduced to a lot of cool places, like a secret warehouse in Alexandria. It looked dingy from the outside but was actually an amazing night with some really great artists on the line up. I was also pretty lucky to be asked to play at Soft Centre; the creator of the Georges River stage asked me to perform. It was a sick experience! Attending those kinds of gigs is great because the community there feels super free. It feels like everyone is their own indi- vidual but also together at the same time.

You have some great mixes featured on the FBi channels, can you tell me about FBi radio and its importance as a community radio station.

Yeah, FBi is a great station. It really dives into unearthing incredible talent across all areas of Sydney music. All of the hosts are so passionate about the music they play and learning about new artists coming up. It’s great to see how genuine the connection with music is for everyone that’s involved. It feels like FBi is the heart of music in Sydney, a real genuine spirit that wants to spread the word about Sydney musicians and put the spotlight on people who may not have had the opportunity to get their music out there yet. I feel really lucky to even be in their orbit and to have contributed mixes to the station is awesome.

What are your top 10 songs?

1. Cologne / beabadoobee
2. Just for me / PinkPantheress
3. SALT / daine feat. Oli Sykes
4. Sweet & Spice / Deb Never & Jim-E Stack 5. my slime / fousheé
6. Impossible / Marcus Whale
7. Love / Mica Levi
8. star-crossed / Kacey Musgraves
9. Life Is Not The Same / James Blake
10. Bells In Santa Fe / Halsey

Who do you think is the most exciting young and emerging creative in Sydney right now?




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